The Old Mill Menu Features Country-Cooked Favorites

The Old Mill Menu Features Country-Cooked Favorites

Posted by in Pigeon Forge Stables Blog | July 11, 2013
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The Old Mill in Pigeon ForgeHow would you like to enjoy a country cooked meal without the hassle of cleaning up? At The Old Mill, you can treat yourself to some Southern specialties without the mess! Choose to enjoy The Old Mill menu at lunchtime for a delicious meal for a cheaper cost!

The Old Mill is a favorite for millions of visitors that vacation in the Smoky Mountains every year. The historic mill is one of the oldest buildings in Pigeon Forge. Now, an entire area has been created surrounding the mill. There are two restaurants at The Old Mill, and each offer great menus!

Southern Style Specialties

At lunchtime, you can enjoy a cup of signature corn chowder, corn fritters, homemade mashed potatoes and green beans. Featuring items like homemade meatloaf and chicken and dumplings, these Southern favorites are great lunch choices. Also on their menu are items like chicken pot pie, turkey and dressing and fried chicken. When you choose these Southern-style favorites, you’ll want to return for dinner!

Luncheon Salads & Fruit Plates

On The Old Mill menu, you can find deliciously healthy choices such as tossed salad, chicken salad and a fresh fruit plate. These items also come with delicious corn chowder and homemade corn fritters. For anyone looking for a lighter lunch option, these are perfect choices!

Burgers and Special Sandwiches

Whether you’re looking for a traditional burger or a country ham sandwich, The Old Mill is a perfect stop for lunch! All of the burgers and sandwiches include a cup of corn chowder, homemade corn fritters and potatoes!

Prices on The Old Mill menu are extremely reasonable at lunchtime. Most meals average at approximately 10 dollars. This price includes the soups and fritters, too.

After choosing a delicious meal from The Old Mill menu and filling up on lunch, you should be set for horseback riding in Pigeon Forge! Bring the entire family or group to Five Oaks Riding Stables for a ride through the mountains. The views are unbelievable, so don’t forget to make your reservation by calling (888) 353-4986.

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