Smoky Mountain Nature Trails

Smoky Mountain Nature Trails

Posted by in Pigeon Forge Stables Blog | June 20, 2012
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Plan a trip to see the Great Smoky Mountains and take a trek on one of the many Smoky Mountain nature trails to see the mountains in a wholly unexpected, new way. See it the way it was meant to be seen, like it was seen over a hundred years ago by early settlers and explorers to these parts. See it all on horseback! Step back in time to when things were a little slower paced and easy going. Get the full experience from your trip to the Great Smoky Mountains when you view it from a hiking trail on horseback.

Five Oaks Smoky Mountain Nature Park

The Five Oaks Nature Park has over 70 acres of unspoiled nature to enjoy. There are well developed trails for riders of all experience levels. Take a 30 minute or hour long tour through God’s country as it was meant to be experienced. There are many different natural wonders to see and experience throughout the park. You will be at one with nature and the wildlife that inhabits the park.

Horseback Riding Stables near Smoky Mountain Nature Trails

The Five Oaks Horseback Riding Stables and Nature Park is located in Sevierville, TN, right smack dab in the Smoky Mountain region. People come in droves to enjoy the beauty and majesty of the Smoky Mountain region up close and personal, on horseback. Get up close to the natural, beautiful attractions in the park such as the waterfalls, panoramic views, or even witness the wanderings of the abundant wildlife that inhabits the park. This will be a life experience the whole family will never forget.

Make the trip for a special occasion, or even just for a weekend getaway. You can’t go wrong when you choose to take some time out to enjoy the Smoky Mountain nature trails at the Five Oaks Nature Park. Memories are the best bonding ingredients, and a trip like this would make an epic memory of a lifetime.

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