How to Sit in the Saddle

How to Sit in the Saddle

Posted by in Pigeon Forge Stables Blog | January 28, 2014
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Woman riding a horseSitting in a saddle is not like sitting in an armchair! Your posture in the saddle is one of the most important parts of horseback riding. Being in balance with your horse is the key to moving together and having a great ride. Before you visit our Pigeon Forge horseback riding stables, check out these great tips for sitting in the saddle.  

Keep your head held high.

First time riders often feel the temptation to stare at the ground, but this is bad form. Your head is the heaviest part of your body, so looking down can really throw off your balance. Also, riders should be looking where they are going, not at the ground!

Instead, keep your head up and look straight ahead. Don’t be afraid to show some confidence and stick your chest outward a bit as well.

Keep your body straight and stable.

Make sure that your legs aren’t too far forward and that your shoulders aren’t too far back. This sort of “chair seat” will keep you out of balance with your horse. You should sit squarely in the saddle with your back straight, your legs close to the horse’s side, and the balls of your feet on the tread of the stirrups.

A good way to check your position, is to stand up in the stirrups. Once you feel balanced while standing, keep your lower legs where they are and sit down.

When you come to Five Oaks Riding Stables, our staff will walk you through every step of the horseback riding process. With great instructors, 60 friendly horses, and a 70 acre nature park in the Great Smoky Mountains, our Pigeon Forge horseback riding stables are the perfect place to visit on your next vacation. Check out our Video page to see our horses in action!



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