What’s the Difference Between a Filly and a Mare?

What’s the Difference Between a Filly and a Mare?

Posted by in Pigeon Forge Stables Blog | November 11, 2013
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White horse in a stableA horse is a horse, of course, of course. But what exactly is a foal? Or a colt for that matter? Believe it or not, all of the different words you have heard to describe horses have very precise meanings. Before you spend the day horseback riding in Pigeon Forge at Five Oaks, take a glance at this handy glossary, so you’ll be able to tell the difference between a mare and a stallion.

Foal vs. Yearling

These terms are used to describe very young horses of either gender. A foal is any horse that is less than one year old. When a foal is nursing it is often called a “suckling” and when it has been weaned it is called a “weanling”.

A yearling is a horse that is between one and two years old. Essentially, a foal is a baby and a yearling is a toddler.  Be sure to remember this if you’re ever invited to a horse’s birthday party. It would be quite embarrassing if you didn’t bring an an age appropriate gift.

Colt vs. Filly

Gender is the key to distinguishing between a colt and a filly. A colt is a male horse under the age of four and a filly is  a female horse of the same age. You can thinks of colts and fillies as the preschoolers of the horse world. (Although, they are much less likely to eat paste and refuse to clean up their toys.)

Stallion vs. Mare

After turning four years old, colts and fillies become stallions and mares, respectively. While humans generally aren’t ready to get  a job and move out of the house at age four, stallions and mares are considered adults!

You can demonstrate your new mastery of horse terminology when you come and visit Five Oaks Riding Stables. With a 70 acre nature park and over 60 horses, we are the best place for horseback riding in Pigeon Forge. Visit our Videos page to see our horses in action!


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