6 Reasons Horseback Riding in Pigeon Forge is the Best Way to Experience Fall

6 Reasons Horseback Riding in Pigeon Forge is the Best Way to Experience Fall

Posted by in Pigeon Forge Stables Blog | September 10, 2014
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Boy with a horse in autumn

Fall in the Great Smoky Mountains is absolutely breathtaking! Read on for the top six reasons that horseback riding in Pigeon Forge is the best way to experience autumn.

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1. Perfect Weather

Fall weather is perfect for both humans and horses alike to enjoy a ride in the Smokies. No one likes to be hot and sweaty, and we are sure our horses feel the same way! The cool fall breezes make for a wonderful experience on the backs of these beautiful creatures.

2. Beautiful Scenery

Seeing the fall colors in our gorgeous 70 acre nature park is another reason that horseback riding in Pigeon Forge is the perfect way to take in the fall. Imagine the breathtaking mountains as a backdrop for the bright oranges and reds coloring the trees.

3. Comfy Riding Attire

When horseback riding, your clothing can have everything to do with how comfortable the ride is. Jeans and a light shirt go well with both fall Fall in the Great Smoky Mountainsand riding our wonderful animals.

4. Photo Opportunities

The gorgeous fall colors and our majestic horses create some great photo opportunities. After your ride, be sure to snap a few photos so you can capture the beautiful scenery. This is also a great opportunity to take a picture for your next holiday card! Check out the official Five Oaks Riding Stables Facebook page to see some great seasonal photos: https://www.facebook.com/FiveOaksRidingStables

5. Historical Sites

During your trail ride, you’ll have the chance to see some Appalachian history. Your guide will point out authentic moonshine stills that were left behind from the days when bootleggers would brew up a batch of Tennessee white whiskey under the cover of darkness.

6. Fall Wildlife

Conjure up the image of a wild turkey in front of a pile of leaves. How about a deer scampering into the red drenched trees? These are just a few examples of the amazing wildlife you might see as you explore our nature park on horseback.

Visit our Pigeon Forge Horseback Riding Reservations page to schedule your scenic trail ride in the Smokies!

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