5 Reasons Gatlinburg Horseback Riding is Good For Your Health

5 Reasons Gatlinburg Horseback Riding is Good For Your Health

Posted by in Pigeon Forge Stables Blog | June 13, 2014
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Horseback riding isn’t just fun; it’s good for you too! Read on to learn the top 5 reasons a trip to our Gatlinburg horseback riding stables will benefit your health.

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1. Horseback riding strengthens your core.

If you’ve ever been to a gym or watched a fitness video, you’ve probably heard a lot about your “core”. The core is actually a collection of muscles, including your abs, hips, lower back, and more. It’s pretty much everything except your arms and legs!

Keeping your balance on a horse is a great workout for your core. Maintaining proper posture is a wonderful “isometric exercise”: a type of strength training that involves holding a position rather than moving around.

2. Riding improves your spatial awareness.

Horseback riding is also an excellent workout for your eyes and brain! When you hit the trail, you’ll need to think about both your movement and the horse’s movement. This sort of complex thinking sharpens your hand-eye coordination and your ability to judge distance.

3. It’s good cardio exercise.

Cardiovascular exercise is anything that gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing. Riding at a brisk pace is fantastic cardio, and it can help you burn calories and speed up your metabolism.

4. Horseback riding builds your self-confidence.

Horseback riding is good for your emotional health too! Mounting a horse for the first time can be a bit scary, but when you finally hit the trail, you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment. Check out our TripAdvisor page to see what guests have said about their experience at Five Oaks Riding Stables.

5. You’ll get plenty of fresh air.

Our Gatlinburg horseback riding stable is located in a beautiful 70 acre nature park. There is nothing like breathing in fresh mountain air as you enjoy a scenic trail ride through the Smokies!

Are you ready to plan your horseback riding adventure? Visit our Reservations page to schedule a trail ride, or give us a call at (888) 353-4986.

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