4 Tips for Families Horseback Riding in Pigeon Forge

4 Tips for Families Horseback Riding in Pigeon Forge

Posted by in Pigeon Forge Stables Blog | September 24, 2014
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Little girl riding a horse with her father

For families that love spending time outdoors, horseback riding in Pigeon Forge is a perfect way to spend a weekend. Your kids will be watching horse movies on Netflix all week in anticipation of the trip! Here are some tips to give you a smooth and fun horseback riding adventure with the whole family:

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1. Stay relaxed.

Sometimes younger kids who have never ridden a horse before will be a little skittish around them. The more relaxed they are, the more comfortable their ride will be. If your child seems nervous, help them out a little until they get comfortable. Offer plenty of verbal encouragement, and stay nearby until they seem like they’re getting used to the saddle.

2. Wear appropriate clothes.

You’ll want to make sure you have sturdy shoes and pants that won’t cause chafing. Avoid loose clothing and a lot of jewelry. Even if this is only one stop on a week-long vacation, you want to make sure horse-riding clothes are packed!

3. Respect the stable’s rules.

Sometimes a stable will have rules about feeding the horses, how to act around them, or where you can ride them, and we all know kids like to bend rules! However, we promise those rules are there to keep you safe and to keep the horses happy and healthy. Sticking with them assures that you will have the best trail ride imaginable.Little boy riding a horse with Grandma

4. Turn off the phone.

These days, we tweet, Instagram, and Facebook everything we do, but you’ll enjoy horseback riding in Pigeon Forge more if you turn off your device and just focus on the moment. Sure, you can take a few memorable pictures before and after, but during the ride, spend that time making memories you and your family will remember for the rest of your lives.

At some point in their lives, every little girl wants a pony, and every little boy wants to be a cowboy. Give your kids an unforgettable experience and make your Pigeon Forge Horseback Riding Reservations today!

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